At the core of my approach, I am interested in the whole of you. Were there an aim to the therapeutic process, it would be to live a more fulfilling life, as the person you want to be – rather than whom you may feel you have become, or are currently known as. 

I bring to my work my passion for the exploration of the dynamic relationship between our behaviours and identity, and the continual interplay between these facets of our ‘selves’.  If you, or someone you care about, are struggling with self-limiting or self-harming thought patterns or behaviours, I may be able to help. 

At the heart of my holistic approach, I am concerned with how we relate – to ourselves, and to others.  In this spirit, I work dynamically and with a strong collaborative focus.  My approach is flexible and integrative; informed by theory drawn from various psychotherapeutic disciplines.  

A rich and diverse professional training background, combined with my own lived experience, enables me to work with clients confidently and with empathy, and warmth. Clients have described me as easy to talk to, friendly and attentive.


My primary aim is to support individuals as they negotiate their own journeys, to create a future different from their past.

The products of my approach, and the co-created process between us will be different for each person but may well lead to the discovery of a new identity. This can replace old ideas of self-image, which you may have stumbled across, or adopted through necessity or convenience and which are no longer comfortable or appropriate.

A second equally fundamental outcome of the work may be the opportunity to re-evaluate your goals: clients often report a shift from desiring simply to exist, to wishing to live, and feel alive and worthwhile.